Water and Surface

WATER Purification

Water is essential for life.

In both developing and developed countries, the challenge of removing biological and chemical contaminants in drinking water, industrial wastewater treatment or recreational use (pools) is an increasingly complex problem.

PuriflOH aim to develop solutions through the use of its FRG technology to offer a true Advanced Oxidation System for water treatment by deploying the power of free radicals to purify the water – no chemicals, all natural.

The PuriflOH FRG water treatment solutions are:

  • Highly effective in eliminating biological contaminants in water and in the treatment of industrial wastewater.
  • Able to produce powerful levels of radicals without the use of chemicals – inputs are ambient air, water and electricity.
  • High transfer/mixing efficiency of gas to water equates to highly effective kill level at a low cost.
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SURFACE Sanitization

Surfaces are part of life.

Everyday, we touch more than 1,000 surfaces and don’t even think about it.  Germs and other contaminants can live on these surfaces for hour – and sometimes days.  So, making sure our surfaces are clean and safe is essential. Whether it is the  surfaces in transportation, medical facilities, schools or food preparation, the need for safe sanitation of surfaces prevails across all that we do. 

Whilst there are several disinfection solutions that have emerged in recent years with some success, limiting factors continue to be their effectiveness, kill rates, toxicity and cost.

PuriflOH aims to utilize the FRG technology to develop a highly effective, chemical free system that can rapidly and fully sanitize surfaces within rooms and facilities.  From the ground level to the ceiling and all spaces in between, PuriflOH will activate the air in the room to sanitize surfaces using our free radical generation technology.

Understanding there are multiple markets that would benefit from effective surface sterilisation, PuriflOH is focused on proving success in the toughest environments first hospitals and medical facilities where the problem of hospital acquired infections is deadly, costly and increasing. .

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