PuriflOH’s products are powered by a breakthrough technology known as Free Radical Generation (FRG). The patent pending FRG technology is unique is its ability eliminate a wide range of contaminants (chemicals, hydrocarbons, viruses, bacteria, molds, toxins, etc.) that are typically found in contaminated air and water and on surfaces. The unique capability of the FRG system lies in its three layers of decontamination power;

  1. Production of ‘free radicals’ including the highly effective OH radical
  2. Charged electrons forming plasma streams
  3. UV light production

Harnessing these three levels of impact, the core FRG technology can be engineered to produce a range of applications to purify air and water or to sanitize surfaces.

The core FRG technology is a robust and reliable system, has been subject to long run testing (over 7500 hours) in a variety of operating conditions. PuriflOH is now seeking partners for the commercialization of the technology. A range of products and applications (Indoor Air Purification, Water Treatment, Sterilization of Medical Facilities – Surfaces and Equipment) is currently being developed.

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