PuriflOH’s products are powered by a breakthrough technology known as Free Radical Generation (FRG). The patented FRG technology is unique in its ability eliminate a wide range of contaminants (chemicals, smog particles, pathogens, etc.) that are typically found in contaminated air, water, and surfaces.

The unique capability of the FRG system is due to the synergy of four powerful actives captured in a small reaction volume:

  • Charged electrons forming oxidative plasma streams
  • Short-living ‘free radicals’
  • UV light
  • Longer-living radicals (eg OH) and chemical compounds that continue disinfection for some seconds and even minutes after leaving free radical-generating discharge

The combination of these most powerful oxidizers ensures the contaminant is annihilated whilst in the reaction space.

Ambient air passing through the device is disinfected, deodorized, and decontaminated. with the oxygen and water (humidity) getting converted to oxygen based and hydroxyl based free radicals respectively, which can then be used to treat water or surfaces.

PuriflOH devices are engineered to control the plasma characteristics and selectively increase or decrease the production of specific oxygen and hydroxyl based Free Radicals so as to target specific contaminants effectively without leaving toxic levels of any by-products.

Frequently Asked Questions:

PuriflOH air purifiers are designed to meet the strictest ozone generation criteria of the CARB (California Air Resources Board) directives. All air purifiers will be independently certified as required by the CARB and similar regulations in all target markets.

Covid-19 is caused by SARS-CoV-2 PuriflOH’s powerful plasma technology produces a highly oxidative environment. A prototype version of our air purifiers has been independently verified to kill in a single pass  >5-log of bacteriophage MS2 and bacterial endospores.  which are some of the toughest microbes to destroy. Independent testing on the latest version’s effectiveness against the SARS-CoV-2 virus will be performed once production models are available to ensure that the actual versions reaching customers have proven effectiveness.

  • Firstly, PuriflOH plasma works on a barrierless discharge and is very different from traditional ozone generators that are based on Dielectric Barrier Discharge.
  • The barrierless nature, combined with the unique design of device and power profile, makes it possible to produce stable cold plasma with the input of ambient air at up to 100% humidity. Most of ozone generators, require pre-conditioned input air with sub-zero dew points (less than 1% humidity at 25C) making them energy-hungry, noisy and unreliable.

  • Consequently, PuriflOH technology is a highly reliable versatile package with multiple applications in virtually any uncontrolled environment – from industrial warehouse to backyard rain water tank.

  • When PuriflOH plasma is used to treat water, Free Radicals, including some ozone, is released by customizing the power supply, reactor and input gas configuration. In these settings, the ozone is fully dissolved in the treated water and is not released to the environment.

  • When PuriflOH plasma is deployed to treat surfaces, higher humidity settings and appropriately selected power supply can boost hydroxyl output, ensuring fast and residue-free treatment.

  • For air purifiers, ambient air is subjected to an optimized bespoke design that focuses on ozone-less contaminant destruction.

Indoor Ambient air that has 40 – 60% Relative Humidity at 21 – 23 ⁰C contains approximately 4-10 g of moisture in 1 kg of air. In other words, that is thousands of ppm by mass. Through precise and focused settings, PuriflOH devices are capable of using substantial ambient moisture to produce hydroxyl radicals at biocidally effective concentrations.

Due to the modular and highly scalable nature of the PuriflOH design, the range can vary to suit application and room size. All PuriflOH air purifiers will be sold to be effective in the target space in achieving the desired purification outcomes.

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