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A barrierless device and method for generating streamer discharge is provided including solid / liquid electrodes for free radical generation at high efficiency. A first electrode, including periodically positioned discharge ignition tips is deposed in proximity to a second electrode, creating a discharge gap with no dielectric barrier layer in between.

The discharge gap includes an inlet and an outlet. Streamers with proximity constraints emerge from the first electrode and propagate through the discharge gap towards the second electrode by supplying either positive or negative pulse voltage to the first electrode, resulting in interaction of the streamer heads with the discharge gas and generation of radicals.

Optionally, the second electrode is a liquid which interacts with the streamer head to generate additional radicals. The device can either be used to cause fast chemical reaction within the discharge gap or the generated radical gas can be removed for utilisation outside the discharge gap.

Please Note:

PuriflOH does not have rights to all of the technologies considered within this patent application.

PuriflOH’s rights through its Licensing Agreement with Somnio Global Holdings Agreement are limited to defined fields of use as follows:

  • The treatment of all water and fluids.
  • Air purification and disinfection.
  • Biofilm disinfection and facility sterilisation.

PuriflOH also has rights to complementary technology that may be developed by Somnio that could enhance the performance of Purifloh’s product suite.

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