Purifying Life

one nanoparticle at a time

Streamer Plasma is scientifically and independently proven to kill and destroy biological and chemical contaminates in the air, water and across surfaces helping make today’s world a safer place.

Achieving the impossible

With its Free Radical Generation (FRG) technology, PuriflOH has been able to do what many said was impossible, harness UV light + Free Radicals + Electrons to naturally excite the air and molecularly breakdown and eliminate harmful biological and chemical containments in air, water and on surfaces based on the configuration of the system.

Welcome to the next generation of purifying – Streamer Plasma from PuriflOH.

Welcome to the next generation of purifying – Streamer Plasma from PuriflOH.


7 years

of research and development

7,500 hours

continuous run time

5 patents

global patents pending

kill rate

of biological contaminates eliminated

0.1 microns

destroys and eliminates at the nano particle level

3 levels of impact

UV Light, Free Radicals, and Electrons

SCALEABLE for use within many industries such as...

Residential – home, office, personal
Commercial – office, transportation, nursing care facilities and hospitals
Industrial – buildings, water treatment
And more

Who is PuriflOH?

2010 Australian founded and Detroit based R&D organization commercializing global patent pending technology for purifying air, water and surfaces in residential, commercial and industrial application. We have spent more than 10 years perfecting the FRG plasma technology platform.

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