Technologies to Purify &
Protect What Matters Most

Indoor Air Purification

Chemical free system for elimination of airborne biological & chemical contaminates and the smallest of contaminated particles. Ideal for induct or portable systems in homes, healthcare, offices, and more.


Surface Sterlisation

Sterilize Surfaces of infectious pathogens – powerful, chemical free process that eliminates infectious contaminants on surfaces and equipment.


Water Sanitation

Chemical free water cleaning to remove biological contaminants through advanced oxidation processes.


PuriflOH’s breakthrough Free Radical Generation (FRG) technology.

The contamination of our global environment is becoming more complex and harder to solve.

The safety of what we breathe, what we drink and what we touch is no longer certain.

At PuriflOH we deliver to the world, new technologies to protect what matters most.

Our success will benefit our shareholders, the environment and the people of the world.

We introduce our Free Radical Generation (FRG) technology that can;

  • Purify Contaminated Indoor Air – chemical free system for elimination of airborne bacteria and the smallest of contaminated particles. Ideal for induct or portable systems in homes, healthcare, offices, hotels, aged care, planes and community facilities
  • Clean Water – chemical free high kill rates of water borne bacteria. Ideal for residential and commercial pools, industrial waste water and drinking water systems
  • Sterilize Surfaces of infectious pathogens – chemical free, with high kill rates of bacteria and diseases. Ideal for hospitals and medical facilities
  • Open other possibilities and markets. These are currently being developed.

At the heart of each solution is our FRG, a unique cold plasma system which provides the platform technology for a multitude of new product and application possibilities.

We are looking for equipment and manufacturing partners to help deliver this technology.

What is Free Radical Generation (FRG) technology?

Our Free Radical Generation (FRG) technology delivers powerful oxidizing agents, including streams of airborne hydroxyl radicals, to purify and sterilize.

This unique technology platform can be deployed in multiple markets including air purification, water treatment and surface sterilization.

The FRG;

  • Is highly flexible in its ability to generate a range of ‘radicals’ that can be channeled as agents of purification and sterilization
  • Is a chemical free treatment – the only inputs are air, water (in the case of Hydroxyl radical generation) and electricity
  • Is able to generate ozone (oxygen radicals) using ambient air thereby negating need for temperature controlled, purified oxygen as the ozone feed gas
  • Is able to produce streams of Hydroxyl radicals that are powerful sanitizing agents, able to eliminate infectious contaminants, such as those found in hospitals and medical facilities
  • Combines the generation of radicals with direct plasma treatment within the chamber of the reactor for a duel treatment impact
  • Is a fully scalable and proven system.