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We are an Australian founded organization, with operating offices in South Melbourne, Victoria and Detroit, Michigan, commercializing a global patented technology for purifying air, water and surfaces in residential, commercial and industrial application.



Mr. Carl Le Souef is a founding partner and co-owner of Somnio Global. He oversaw the restructuring of PuriflOH (previously known as Water Resources Group Limited) during 2013/2014, which saw Dilato Holdings P/L emerge as the major shareholder of PuriflOH, a position it still retains. Mr. Le Souef was previously the sole owner and CEO of one of Australia’s largest privately owned FMCG organisations, Private Formula International, a global operation that included Australia’s number one selling skincare range at the time, Dr LeWinn’s Private Formula. In 2009, he negotiated the sale of the company to a US based pharmaceutical major. Mr. Le Souef maintains an executive role in Somnio Global and in the management of his family office investments.

Jonathan (Jon) Evans


Mr Evans brings a wide and deep range of experience in healthcare, medical research and the innovation and commercialisation of IP and related technology solutions across the Australian and broader Asia Pacific Region.

His career spans over 30 years, including as CEO of an Australian Hospital Group; Director of a State-based Infectious Disease Reference Laboratory; CEO of Tellimed Health Services; Director of Health Strategy and Innovation for Victorian Government; Managing Partner of Fitzroy Health Asia Pacific and most recently as Managing Director, APAC Health Solutions Group. Mr Evans is also chairman of CEMTAS Australia.


Non-Executive Director

A lengthy history of capital markets, restructuring, business development and management of ASX listed companies, and with a scientific background, Mr. Lill has been a Board Member of PuriflOH since 2013. Mr. Lill has also successfully overseen the restructure of De Grey Mining, of which he is Chairman.

Dr Alexei (Alex) Sava

Technical Director

Best known for his invention of the aerosol hydrogen peroxide disinfection process (‘nanonebulant’), that became a core technology of ASX200 company, Nanosonics Limited (NAN.ASX). Dr. Sava also has extensive experience commercialising his inventions in numerous international markets.

This has provided Dr Sava with strong regulatory and commercial experience which will be of specific relevance to the Company as it embarks on commercial execution.

Dr. Sava holds the following credentials:

  • M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from the Ukrainian Academy of Science;
  • Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from the Ukrainian Academy of Science;
  • Over 35 years’ experience in microbiology, chemistry and biochemistry;
  • Holding over 100 international patents;
  • Authoring over 50 scientific articles

Dr. Sava has achieved commercial execution with the following inventions:

  • Aerosol hydrogen peroxide disinfection process (‘nanonebulant’);
  • Fast and economical assay of biological and chemical contaminants in hospitals, hotels and residential premises;
  • World-first pathogen-disinfecting technologies based on symbiotic mixtures of natural enzymes with biocides. Achieving manyfold reduction in concentration of toxic biocides without compromising biocidal efficacies – one of the friendliest to the environment disinfection processes available to hospitals worldwide.

PuriflOH utilizes Somnio Global R&D labs to further develop and expand the Streamer Plasma technology.

Somnio Global, LLC is a private Research and Development company based in Detroit, Michigan. Founded in 2012, the company employs a team of over 35 commercial innovators, has filed 12 patents and launched 5 start-up companies to capture the potential of 7 applied technologies.

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