Advanced Oxidation of Organic and Inorganic Pollutants with Free Radical Generator

[001] The present disclosure relates to device and methods for advanced generation of free
radicals that may be used as reactants in various processes.


[002] Advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) utilize powerful hydroxyl radical (OH*) as a major
oxidizing agent. OH* radical is very nonselective in its behavior and rapidly reacts with
numerous species. Their reactions with organic compounds produce carbon-centered radicals
(R* or R*–OH). With O2, these carbon-center radicals may be transformed to organic peroxyl
radicals (ROO*). Because hydroxyl radicals have a very short lifetime, they are produced in-situ
through different methods, including a combination of oxidizing agents (such as H2O2 and O3),
and/or irradiation (such as ultraviolet light or cold plasma) of water, or catalysts (such as
titanium dioxide).

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