Water treatment

A devastating consequence of the global water crisis is that access to safe drinking water remains out of reach for millions of people. Existing water supply systems are insufficient to solve global water needs and there is ongoing need for a safe, cost effective and chemical free water treatment systems. Key drivers of demand include:

  • Growing global population.
  • Pollution of surface and ground water supplies
  • Insufficient and poor quality water infrastructure.
  • Increasing affluence and urbanization in the developing world.
  • Increased demand through agricultural and industrial segments.

The FRG technology offers a true Advanced Oxidation System for water treatment by deploying the power of both ozone and hydroxyl radical production. PuriflOH is working with Somnio in the development of water treatment products that are able to treat a range of water sources, from recreational water through industrial waste to drinking water systems.

The FRG water treatment solutions are:

  • Highly effective in eliminating biological contaminants in water and in the treatment of industrial waste water.
  • Able to produce powerful levels of radicals without the use of chemicals – inputs are ambient air, water and electricity.
  • High transfer/mixing efficiency of gas to water equates to highly effective kill level at a low cost.

The initial focus of our product development is a system for cleaning residential and commercial recreational pool water where the FRG technology is able to be incorporated into the systems and products of partner organisations. This first water treatment application will provide the launching pad for a range of products targeted at the broader water segments of industrial waste water and fresh, clean and safe drinking water.