Our Technology Partner

Somnio Global, LLC is a private Research and Development company based in Detroit, Michigan. Founded in 2012, the company employs a team of over 35 commercial innovators, has filed 12 patents and launched 5 start-up companies to capture the potential of 7 applied technologies. Somnio’s research facility is equipped with full in-house machining capabilities, advanced additive manufacturing, a full suite of analytical, electronic and wet laboratories providing a state of the art research and innovation platform.

The Company’s projects vary beyond its work with the FRG technology. Other work includes disruptive innovations in industries such as plastic recycling, additive manufacturing and the preservation of protein based therapeutics.  Somnio’s core mission is to profitably solve global social issues through accelerated innovation and provides to PuriflOH an outstanding scientific, engineering and product development partner. somnioglobal.com


Somnio Global’s Headquarters in Detroit Michigan